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Bitcoin: Terminal Price


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Indicator Overview

Before Terminal price is calculated, it is first necessary to calculate Transferred Price. Transferred price takes the sum of Coin Days Destroyed and divides it by the existing supply of bitcoin and the time it has been in circulation. The value of Transferred Price is then multiplied by 21. Remember that there can only ever be 21 million bitcoin mined.

This creates a 'terminal' value as the supply is all mined, a kind of reverse supply adjustment. Instead of heavily weighting later behavior, it normalizes historical behavior to today. By normalizing by 21, a terminal value is created.

This Terminal Price has historically been very effective at forecasting the tops of Bitcoin price cycles.

How It Can Be Used

This Terminal Price has historically been very effective at forecasting the tops of Bitcoin price cycles. It can be used alongside other similar tools found on the Price Forecast Tools page.

Fall Further Down The Rabbit Hole

Terminal Price was created by @_checkmatey_.

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