About the site

Look Into Bitcoin provides learning tools for people who are new to Bitcoin, enabling them to understand its market cycles and basic economic ideas, thereby supporting their Bitcoin investing.

The site is made up of three main sections:

  1. Learning - educational mini-chapters that give those new to Bitcoin investing a deep dive into key concepts around Bitcoin valuation tools.
  2. Live Charts - exploratory live data charts that use either market-cycle or on-chain analysis. They give Bitcoin investors simple guidance to identify where Bitcoin is over or undervalued from a historical perspective.
  3. Indicator Alerts - linked to relevant valuation tool charts, they allow investors to reconnect to charts at critical times in Bitcoin’s price cycles.

Bitcoin is a new asset class, so established valuation models do not exist for it yet. As Bitcoin grows, we are exploring new ways to understand its value proposition from an investment perspective. Look Into Bitcoin makes such exploratory valuation tools publicly available so that anyone can benefit from them.

A note from the site creator


Thank you for checking out the site.

I am a full-time Crypto trader, investor, and researcher who continues to learn about the market every day.

I studied Economics and Finance, and then spent 15 years working for a number of global brands, using market psychology to create profit-building strategies for them in my role as Consumer Insights Director.

These two schools of thinking, economics and market psychology, proved useful when I fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. They gave me a very good understanding of how long term price action is influenced by adoption, market cycles and market psychology - among other things.

I discovered these elements could be applied to Bitcoin to provide a long term strategic investment approach to the new asset class. This led me to create a number of indicators and models for Bitcoin, some of which I share here.

I like the idea of regular people (not just those who are financially privileged) having access to information that encourages them to make their own financial decisions. For that reason I wanted to make this site which provides information about Bitcoin investment tools freely available.

Bitcoin is a peaceful disrupter that is revolutionising finance and helping to level the financial playing field. I believe everyone should at least have access to information that can help their understanding of this exciting innovation.

If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me here.

I wish you well on your Bitcoin journey.

Philip Swift