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Understand what really drives Bitcoin price.

For the first time, you get all the key data analytics on one single platform.

Macro charts, On-chain charts, Portfolio Tools, Max Alerts.

Giving you the complete picture you can't get anywhere else.


Macro Suite

Track how Bitcoin is influenced every day by global markets. Use your own Macro Suite of charts and interactive tools to find out where the price of Bitcoin is going next.

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Hourly Market Cycle Charts

View market cycle charts with hourly resolution, not just once a day updates!

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Portfolio Tools

Must-have Bitcoin tools including heatmaps, dashboards, and On-chain Uncovered charts providing enhanced views of standard on-chain data.

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Max Alerts and more

Leverage our new user platform that puts you in control. Select charts you want instant alerts for, with more instant alerts than you get anywhere else.

Plus member-only insight reports and real-time chart tools so you know what is happening right now.

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What Our Members Say

Got the Look Into Bitcoin Tradingview scripts already, Stock to flow is a great addition, thank you.


Matt B.

Worth every penny. Easy to use with fast, high quality charts and tools combined with really clear and comprehensive analysis and explanations. I love being a Look into Bitcoin subscriber as they keep on adding more tools and upgrades. If you want to get smarter about Bitcoin you need to subscribe to Look into Bitcoin.


Martin J.

Look Into bitcoin provides the best analysis in the industry. Awesome newsletter, always look forward to your rational and unbiased thesis.


Armand W.

This is the only platform where I can see blockchain, macro, and global asset data in one place updating constantly. Incredible value for money.


Izaac. R

The only place where I get a clear holistic view of Bitcoin. Other platforms provide piecemeal sections of information such as derivatives data or on-chain data but Look Into Bitcoin is the most comprehensive analytics platform available where I see everything easily in one place with stunning charts.


Andrew P.

Look Into Bitcoin is my go-to for Bitcoin information. Bitcoin leads the crypto market, so if you know what's happening with it, you know where the rest of the market is going. There is now no better analytics than Look Into Bitcoin.


Charles S.

Insightful and slick intuitive design makes Look Into Bitcoin amazing value for money. This upgrade for members makes it the leader in the analytics space. Combining all the portfolio tools and macro suite is pure Alpha. A must for any Bitcoin investor.


David R.

Look Into Bitcoin is FIRE! I can't believe it took me this long to finally subscribe but there is so much value in it. Yes, there are a ton of onchain charts but it goes beyond just the 'here's onchain data' internal stuff and dives deep into the key global macro charts, long-term investment planning, alerts for all the key charts, and how to understand where Bitcoin price is going next. 'Totally worth it!' would be an understatement.


Jess C.

Discovering Look Into Bitcoin felt like uncovering the holy grail of cryptocurrency analysis, offering the depth of insight and clarity I had been searching for. Your comprehensive charts and analyses provided me with a newfound confidence in navigating the market, allowing me to make more educated decisions based on key indicators of overbought and oversold conditions.



Unbeatable Value

You get the full 360° view of Bitcoin with many charts that update every hour, macro suite, portfolio tools and more...while paying less than you would for a blockchain data only service with slower data.



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With Look Into Bitcoin you see the most recent daily data on all blockchain and pricing charts.

  • Free basic charts update: Daily
Free Basic Charts


$ 24

per month paid annually

  • Yearly Save 30%
  • Monthly

Institutional quality analytics. On-chain, Global Macro, Indicator Alerts, Real-time charting, Cancel anytime. Get smarter about Bitcoin.

  • Market cycle charts update: Hourly 1h
  • Macro Suite: Essential Access
  • Portfolio Tools: Essential Access
  • Instant Max Alerts:40
  • Real-time Tradingview charts: 5
  • Monthly reports: Yes
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$ 99

per month paid annually

Full access to Macro Suite, Portfolio tools, Blockchain charts, real time indicators and downloadable data. The complete package for experienced analysts and investors, giving you everything you need.

  • Market cycle charts update: Hourly 1h
  • Macro Suite: Complete Access
  • Portfolio Tools: Complete Access
  • Instant Max Alerts:+100
  • Real-time Tradingview charts: 14
  • Monthly reportsYes
  • Downloadable CSV dataYes
  • API AccessYes
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Smarter insights to achieve stronger growth. Get high quality onchain and Bitcoin market data analytics, with institutional-grade customizable API solutions.

We don't just provide data for data's sake, we provide the metrics and tools that really matter. So you get to supercharge your insights, not your workload.

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