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Bitcoin: Short-Term Holder Realized Price


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What is This Chart Showing?

The Bitcoin Short Term Holder (STH) Realized Price is a metric that represents the average acquisition price of Bitcoin for investors who are considered short-term holders, typically defined by the movement of coins that have been held for less than 155 days.

Why Is This Chart Useful?

This measure reflects the cost basis of more recent market entrants, who are often more sensitive to price fluctuations and may demonstrate different behavior compared to long-term holders, such as a higher propensity to sell during periods of volatility or price declines.

The STH Realized Price can provide insights into the current sentiment and momentum within the Bitcoin market, highlighting potential resistance levels or points at which selling pressure might increase.

Where Can I Learn More?

This chart is derivative of Realized Price which you can learn more about here.

You can see the Long-Term Holder Realized Price chart here.

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