Please note, the indicators below are experimental and aim to create valuation approaches for the new asset class of Bitcoin. These charts are built as informative guides. There is no guarantee certain rules within each model will continue to apply as Bitcoin progresses along its adoption journey.

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Market Cycle Charts

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Bitcoin Investor Tool: 2-Year MA Multiplier

Long timeframe investor tool to identify under/oversold price periods

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200 Week Moving Average Heatmap

A simple heatmap system based on movements of the 200 week moving average.

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The Puell Multiple

Relationship between daily bitcoin issuance and price.

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Stock-to-Flow Model

Ratio of bitcoins in circulation relative to the amount of bitcoins annually mined, and this ratio's relationship with price

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Pi Cycle Top Indicator

Moving average and moving average multiples to pick market cycle highs to within 3 days.

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The Golden Ratio Multiplier

Uses Bitcoin's growth adoption curve and market cycles to identify both intracycle and full-cycle price highs.

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Bitcoin Profitable Days

The proportion of days in Bitcoin's traded history that it has been profitable to hold Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves

Bitcoin logarithmic growth curves

Onchain Charts

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1Y+ HODL Wave

View of the percentage of coins HODL'd on the blockchain for over 1 year.

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MVRV Z-Score

Pulls apart differences between Market Value and Realised Value to identify market cycle highs and lows.

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On Chain Indicator using Realized HODL Ratio’s to identify cycle high price tops.

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Relative Unrealized Profit/Loss

On-chain indicator for investor sentiment market stages

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Reserve Risk

Long term Bitcoin investor confidence relative to Bitcoin price.

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Active Address Sentiment Indicator

Comparing change in price with change in number of addresses to determine if Bitcoin is over/undervalued in the short term.

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Advanced NVT Signal

This adaptation of NVT Signal adds standard deviation bands to identify when Bitcoin is overbought or oversold.

Address Balance Charts

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Bitcoin Wallet Sizes: > 1 BTC

Live chart showing the number of unique addresses holding at least 1BTC.

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Bitcoin Wallet Sizes: > 10 BTC

Live chart showing the number of unique addresses holding at least 10BTC.

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Bitcoin Wallet Sizes: > 100 BTC

Live chart showing the number of unique addresses holding at least 100BTC.

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Bitcoin Wallet Sizes: > 1,000 BTC

Live chart showing the number of unique addresses holding at least 1,000BTC.

Lightning Network Charts

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Bitcoin Lightning Capacity

Cumulative capacity held by all nodes on the Lightning Network.

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Bitcoin Lightning Nodes

Total number of Bitcoin Lightning nodes.